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Filing for Divorce Isn't Easy

A skilled divorce attorney in Shreveport, LA can guide you through the process

Divorces are extremely stressful for all involved. If you’re separating from your spouse, you’ll need a seasoned divorce attorney in your corner. The Law Office of Attorney Lori C. Graham can provide family law advice and support in Shreveport, LA. You’ll get help filing the proper paperwork and negotiating issues.

Attorney Graham is a trusted family law attorney who is well-equipped to handle any divorce law matters. You can turn to her for assistance with a contested or uncontested divorce. Plus, she can provide sound advice on child support and custody and alimony.

Ask your questions about divorce law now by calling 318-869-0177.

Protect your interests

Family law isn’t always cut and dried — in fact, it rarely is. You’ll need support from a knowledgeable divorce attorney when negotiations get messy. You can rely on Attorney Graham to represent your best interests when it comes to:

  • Spousal support
  • Equitable distribution
  • Post-judgement issues

Meet with a renowned family law attorney in Shreveport, LA today. Attorney Graham has experience with annulments, legal separations and dissolutions of marriages, as well.