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Hire an auto accident attorney in Shreveport, LA

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Is the responsible party refusing to pay for damages? Trust the Law Office of Attorney Lori C. Graham to represent you. As a practiced auto accident attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana, Lori Graham has the tenacity and training needed to fight for your due compensation.

You're already on edge after an accident. Don't add to your stress by handling your legal issue on your own. Hire attorney Graham to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Visit the Law Office of Attorney Lori C. Graham today to find out what you're entitled to.

Resolve your case quickly and efficiently

Whether you've been in a car or truck accident, you can rely on attorney Graham to handle your case. She's been practicing personal injury law in Shreveport, Louisiana for over a decade. When you contact her, she'll:

  • Schedule an appointment with a doctor if you haven't received medical treatment already
  • Learn your situation to determine a fair settlement amount
  • Negotiate aggressively with the responsible party to avoid a trial
  • Defend your case in court, if necessary to ensure you are justly compensated

Attorney Graham will keep you updated about your case so you know exactly what's going on. Call 318-869-0177 now to schedule a personal injury consultation in Shreveport, Louisiana.